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Logo and Visual Identity, Company Profile, Company and Staff Photos, Website



Logo and Visual Identity Design, Profile, and Website


About ZAS Logistics

ZAS Logistics was established by a group of specialized and ambitious experts to offer clients a unique experience in the world of logistical services, following the best systems and standards. The company specializes in local and international transportation, storage, and packaging, distinguished by its adoption of the latest technologies ensuring a successful and secure work process, from the first step to task completion. At the same time, the company diversifies its services to cover all logistical sectors.

About ZAS Logistics Logo

The concept of the ZAS Logistics logo fundamentally hinges on the amalgamation of core ideas and principles in the logistical services arena and the essence of the parent company Zahra Al-Sahraa's identity. It signifies expansion, direction, and comprehensive coverage in various directions, conveyed through arrows and a compass indicating the four cardinal directions and their derivations, fashioned from the foundational letters of the Zahra Al-Sahraa Company (ZAS).

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