Ministry of Justice

Scope of Work

Logo design proposal with a visual identity


Ministry's logo proposal, digital presentation of the proposal, video presentation of the proposal.



Logo Proposal for the Ministry of Justice


Between the Past and the Present

We notice the general visual direction taken by the ministries in developing their visual identities. They follow an approach of simplicity and clarity, working to convey ideas with the fewest details possible, in line with digital developments and modern uses of logos.

About the development of the Ministry of Justice's logo

We know that the Ministry of Justice holds significant value and importance, and its logo has been ingrained in minds for decades. Therefore, its development must be smart and well-thought-out in a way that reflects the principles and messages of the ministry. This way, it remains true to its originality and essence while simultaneously keeping up with modern technological advancements.

gda logo image
An imaginary image of Logo Proposal for the Ministry of Justice

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