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The profile is a marketing material directed to various segments (governmental entities, private entities, individuals) with a mission to clearly introduce your company, share its history, values, philosophy, quality policies, latest projects, contact information, and more with your target audience. We also recognize through our extensive experience and precise knowledge that a well-prepared and carefully designed profile greatly helps in leaving a positive and lasting first impression with your audience. It also allows you to be visible across various marketing channels: websites, social media, etc. Moreover, having a profile with thoughtful content and attractive design is crucially important to enhance brand awareness and differentiate it in today's highly competitive market.

Our seasoned team at Gray Design Agency is fully prepared to assist you in starting your journey of success and distinction through designing a print-ready profile or an interactive digital file that can be shared and used as a presentation.

Service Name

Profile Design Service

Delivery Time

3 Business days at least


- High-quality print-ready PDF file to be shared with the printer.- High-quality interactive digital PDF suitable for digital sharing.


Starting from 3,000 Saudi Riyal

Profile with 4 pages and Cover


Digital PDF

Print Format

Digital & Print Format


File Dimensions

Width x Height
1920px1080pxScreen Size
297mm210mmA4 Paper Size
Print SizeDigital Size

File Type

File Extention
PDFHight Quality for Print
Digital PDF & Print PDF


Text, Photos, Logos and other content

Design Iterations

We follow your corporate design guidelineNotice: a fee of 30% charge after exahsting the number of allowed iterations

Number of Design Iterations

Content editing - Rewording and moreTypographical errors - Content addition - Content removal - Image changes
3Maximum duration of 3 days from delivery
1Maximum duration of 3 days from delivery
3Maximum duration of 3 days from delivery


Front and Back


Profile with 4 pages and CoverDeliverables: Design in a PDF file fromat
3,000Saudi Riyal
4,000Saudi Riyal
5,000Saudi Riyal

Additional Page / Slide

130Saudi Riyal
150Saudi Riyal
200Saudi Riyal

Arabic Content Writing

Custom content for your establishment in ArabicCharged / page
150Saudi Riyal / page
150Saudi Riyal / page
150Saudi Riyal / page

English Content Writing

Custom content for your establishment in EnglishCharged / page
200Saudi Riyal / page
200Saudi Riyal / page
200Saudi Riyal / page


3Business days at least
5Business days at least
7Business days at least

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The Importance of a Company Profile in Business

The company profile is one of the most important documents used to introduce the company to the world. It provides an overview of the company, its history, vision, and mission. In this article, we will discuss the importance of a company profile and how companies can use it to their maximum advantage.

1. First Impression

The company profile represents the first impression customers and potential partners get of the company. A well-designed document containing relevant information can present the company in a professional and trustworthy manner.

2. Reference Document

The profile can be used as a reference document for customers and potential partners to gain a better understanding of the company and its services and products.

3. Effective Marketing Tool

When designed well, it can be used as an effective marketing tool to attract customers and enhance the company's brand.

4. Combining Print and Digital

With the provision of interactive digital profile design services in PDF and print, we ensure the best mediums to showcase your company perfectly to all target audiences.

5. Easily Updatable

Digital profiles can be easily updated to reflect the latest information about the company, services, and products.

6. Saves Time and Effort

Thanks to digital design, the company profile can be distributed quickly and efficiently via email or social media, saving time and effort in printing and distribution.

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