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The logo embodies the company's brand identity. When crafted properly and meticulously, it forms one of the most effective branding tools for building and reinforcing visual identity, facilitating recognition and association with the establishment's products and services. Recognizing the significance of logos and proud of our extensive experience in crafting unforgettable ones, at GrayDesign agency, we offer innovative logo design services that adhere to digital and print use specifications and requirements, harmonizing aesthetics, sustainability, depth, and simplicity to represent the establishment and its activities powerfully and pragmatically. We also understand that a brand's identity is a way to convey the values of your venture to customers and the target audience, and imprint your unique footprint in their minds. Proper and consistent establishment of visual identity contributes to building a foundation for successful marketing, attracting more new customers, and, of course, distinguishing from competitors.

Starting from a deep understanding of the establishment's field, direction, mission, and target audience, our expert team at GrayDesign agency establishes an innovative visual identity, memorable and reflective of the establishment's essence, conveying its message. All the while, ensuring its consistent enhancement at touchpoints with customers through visual identity representations, creating an organized and effective modus operandi, reinforcing a positive brand image.

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Logo Options

A custom-designed logo for you, fitting for your establishmentOutputs: Logo design in formats(ai - pdf - svg - png)

Guideline for Identity Use

(Interactive Digital)Digital - Interactive electronic link

Guideline Book for Identity Use

(PDF)Digital - Delivered upon completion

Official Paper

According to the identity, with your establishment's information and ready for printingOutputs: Design in formats (ai - pdf)

Electronic Letter

Similar to official paper, conforms to the establishment's identity but electronicOutputs: Design in format (Microsoft Word .docx)

Business Card

A template designed for you, ready to use, send to the printer with information( Template + 3 employees )Outputs: Custom design in format (ai - pdf)

Electronic Business Card

Can be sent via WhatsApp or published, beautiful and suitable for sharing( Template + 3 employees )Outputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)

Employee ID Card

( Template + 3 employees )Outputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)

Folder Design

FolderOutputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)

Outdoor Signage

Outputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)

Indoor Signage

Outputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)


Outputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)


Outputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)

DL Envelope

Outputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)

C4 Envelope Design

Outputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)

Notebook Pages

Outputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)


Outputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)

Door Tags

( Push - Pull )Outputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)

Email Signature

( Template )Outputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)

Wall Calendar

Hijri and Gregorian - For the current yearOutputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)

Desk Calendar

Hijri and Gregorian - For the current yearOutputs: Design in format (ai - pdf)

Presentation Template Design

( Template )Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides


6,000Saudi Riyal
7,500Saudi Riyal
13,000Saudi Riyal

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The Importance of the Logo and Brand Identity for Businesses

The logo and brand identity are not just aesthetic elements, but they are the face that represents the company and its values. In the modern business world, the logo and brand identity are among the most important factors that help in building a positive and trustworthy brand image.

1. Logo: The First Impression

The logo is the first impression customers get when they get to know the company. A good logo can attract customers and make them remember the brand. It represents the company in a simplified yet effective way.

2. Brand Identity: More Than Just a Logo

Brand identity represents all the elements the company uses to present itself to the world. This includes colors, fonts, images, and more. These elements work together to create a cohesive and clear image for the company.

3. Trust and Credibility

When a company presents itself professionally through a good logo and strong brand identity, it gains the trust of the customers. Customers prefer to deal with companies that appear trustworthy and professional.

4. Differentiation from Competitors

In a crowded market, it's essential to stand out from competitors. The logo and brand identity can help the company appear unique and different from other businesses.

5. Supporting the Marketing Strategy

Companies use the logo and brand identity throughout their marketing strategies. Whether in printed or electronic advertisements, having a strong brand identity helps make marketing campaigns more effective.

In conclusion, the logo and brand identity are not just design elements, but they are a fundamental part of the brand strategy. Companies that invest in developing a strong logo and brand identity can expect growth in brand awareness and an increase in trust from customers.

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