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From 2017 - Present

Logo and Visual Identity Design

From 2017 - Present

About Zahra Al-Sahraa Trading & Contracting Company

Zahra Al-Sahraa Trading & Contracting Company is a prominent name that holds within its folds 40 years of experience in the field of trading and contracting. The company was established on 28/4/1398 Hijri, corresponding to 6/4/1978 AD, based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Since its inception and over four decades, Zahra Al-Sahraa for Trading and Contracting has been narrating success stories and continues to do so. The company's success journey was built relying on several key factors which resulted in a robust and continuous workflow. These factors include a smart, talented, young, energetic, and inspired management team, plus highly skilled and professional employees of various nationalities. This integrated team adopts an effective approach characterized by the right cost and standard time to accomplish each project, thereby providing a solid foundation for the company's operations and distinction in its various fields of work. ZAS Company is ranked first in building construction by the Saudi Rating Agency. It's also worth mentioning that the company has implemented projects worth more than ten billion riyals over the past decades.

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