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Logo and Visual Identity Design


About Tanhat Business Company's Logo and Identity

The journey of working on Tanhat Business's identity began with the first step of a thousand miles, which is defining objectives, understanding business requirements, and brand directions. This helped gather a clear vision on which we could base the drawing of the logo and build the identity strategy. One of the main requirements was for the logo to be in the form of an Arabic script, combining authenticity with contemporaneity, capturing the essence of Arabic values and principles while blending it with the flexibility and modernity of the business world.

This logo is part of an interconnected and consistent visual identity system. The goal was to create an identity with a Najdi spirit that incorporates heritage, culture, and genuine Arabic values. It reflects the principles and values by which Tanhat for Business operates, emphasizing its core and origin from which it embarks into the business world.

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

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