SLM Commercial Services Company

Scope of Work

Logo and visual identity design, profile design, website design


Logo and visual identity, identity guidebook, profile, website



Logo, Visual Identity, Profile, and Website Design


About SLM Commercial Services Company

SLM Commercial Services is a national company operated by Saudi hands, specializing in attestation, professional accreditations, and marketing services for health activities at the corporate and individual levels, ensuring that services are provided at the highest standards.

About the Logo and Identity of SLM Commercial Services

We were keen to create and design the logo and identity of the SLM Commercial Services Company by integrating common graphics and shapes in every user's experience to express SLM's activities, vision, and trustworthiness. The brand mark for SLM uses the 'check box' and 'checkmark' to signify accomplishment and approval, the key messages of SLM. Familiarity with such common shapes instills confidence. The word 'SLM' is drawn in a manner that includes the 'checkmark' in Arabic letters. Its sleek design carries significant messages and resemblance to a bird symbolizing speed, agility, and freedom. Another hidden message is represented in the wings extending out of the box, conveying a clear message about SLM's ability to 'think outside the box'.

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An imaginary image of Logo, Visual Identity, Profile, and Website Design

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