Sahm Crowdfunding Platform

Scope of Work

Logo and visual identity design, presentation design


Logo and visual identity, presentation



Logo, Visual Identity, and Presentation Design


About the Crowdfunding Platform

Sahm's real estate crowdfunding platform is a means to raise funds by connecting masses of investors with small real estate developers and enabling them to contribute small amounts to a real estate development project.

About Sahm's Logo

The logo reflects the nature of the platform's operations. The colors were inspired by the land and sea, representing real estate on both terrains. The word 'Sahm' is written in white, positioned between the targeted segments (the investor and the developer), acting as a separator but also as a filter for each segment. Sahm's platform chooses appropriate investors and developers, which is expressed in the coloring of the letter 'هـ'. The blue inside the letter represents a lake, symbolizing the selected investors, while the beige represents an island, symbolizing the chosen developers.

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