Ready, Set, Yummy

Scope of Work

Logo and visual identity design, marketing plan, video editing, and social media management


Logo and visual identity, integrated marketing plan, video editing, content production and management for social media platforms



Visual Identity, Marketing Plan, Content Production, and Management


About the Ready, Set, Yummy Project

Ready, Set, Yummy is a project by an ambitious Saudi chef aimed at teaching cooking to everyone in a fun and entertaining style through her YouTube channel and social media accounts. She provides a diverse array of cooking lessons and delectable recipes that anyone can implement at home. With Ready, Set, Yummy, everyone can learn to cook in an easy and enjoyable manner, regardless of their previous experience in this field. This project offers a great opportunity to learn and prepare tasty and healthy meals at home by providing detailed video lessons for all stages of recipe preparation. Chef Hasnaa, through the Ready, Set, Yummy project, ensures the delivery of educational content in a manner that resonates with the audience, characterized by fun and interactivity. The project also aims to encourage people to cook at home and make the most of the delightful time they spend in the kitchen.

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