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Visual Identity, Profile, and Website Design


About Roya Auditors & Legal Accountants

Being one of the renowned professional accounting and financial consultancy firms in many cities within the Kingdom, we possess the capability and resources to handle the most complex financial and business situations. To serve our clients and meet their needs and requirements at their best, we have a team of over fifty employees with high experience and efficiency in Riyadh, Jeddah, Al-Qassim, Hail, and Tabuk.

About Roya's Logo

Modern, expressive, practical, and flexible. Everything started by understanding the requirements and aspirations of Roya and its audience. Envisioning Roya's brand image as distinctive, attractive, and unique: A symbol that explains itself clearly, yet abstractly, and brings the audience a positive and advanced feeling; the logo was designed by simplifying the Arabic letter 'Raa' then rotating and repeating it at a harmonious angle to represent the letter R in English, simultaneously giving the shape an impression of being round and moving clockwise, signifying movement and continuity. The shape also represents the inner part of a camera lens (Shutter), alluding to the company's name 'Roya' (Vision), where the lens opens to gather light and colors to form an image of reality, logically analogous to the company's domain. The domain takes an image of accounting processes and produces it in its final form, just as a camera takes an image from colors and light. The characters in the logo are juxtaposed in a way that represents arrows moving in different directions, but at the same time pointing to the midpoint, indicating entity unity and centrality.

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