Pillars of Advanced Cities Contracting Company

Scope of Work

Logo and visual identity, website design, profile design


Logo and visual identity, identity explanation book, company profile, website



Visual Identity, Profile, and Website


About the Logo and Identity of Pillars of Advanced Cities Contracting Company

Stability, precision, modernity, and support are the key elements that were taken into consideration when initiating the brainstorming phase for the creation of the logo for 'Pillars of Advanced Cities'. The objective was to craft a refined, simple, and expressive logo that describes the company's activity in the construction and contracting sector while representing the geometric design intended for the logo (diamond shape). It encompasses the colors dark blue, green, and white where dark blue indicates trust and luxury, light green symbolizes new beginnings, and white signifies purity, space, and expansion. All these elements were combined, passing through various phases from brainstorming, sketching, identifying the right and harmonious dimensions, to digitally drawing the logo, presenting it in its final form.

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An imaginary image of Visual Identity, Profile, and Website

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