Patla Company for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

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Logo and visual identity design, website design


Logo and visual identity, visual identity guidebook, company's website



Logo, Visual Identity, and Website Design


About Patla for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Patla is one of the leading branches of the Desert Flower Trading and Contracting Company. The company specializes in supplying integrated refrigeration and air conditioning systems, including design, installation, and maintenance. Patla was established by a team of professional experts specialized in refrigeration and air conditioning contracting, committed to achieving the company's goals of offering an outstanding customer experience and keeping pace with the rapid progress observed in our beloved Kingdom.

About Patla's Logo and Identity

Creating a symbolic mark that combines aesthetics, clarity, and a reflection of the company's specialization, while also tying it to the parent company's identity, is a challenge. We are here specifically to accept and excel in it. We designed the Patla logo to represent a flower, a fan, and the geometric shape of ice and snow simultaneously. The overlapping lines form the fan, backed by petal-like shapes to signify the flower. We added a secondary color to the petals, hinting at a spinning fan for motion. Just like a fan and a flower, the Patla logo is balanced; a balanced fan indicates efficiency and high quality. Simultaneously, a symmetrical flower signifies beauty and minimized waste. Therefore, the Patla logo was crafted to showcase balance, high quality, and efficiency, reflecting the company's directions and methodology.

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