Haseen - Saudi Center for Studies and Research on Prevention from Drugs and Psychoactive Substances

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Design of Logo and Visual Identity


About Haseen Center

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of countries targeted by drugs and psychoactive substances. This necessitates the protection of citizens and residents through scientific programs that achieve prevention, in cooperation and partnership with international organizations and centers, and exchanging expertise. Thus, there was a need to establish a scientific center sponsored by Saudi leadership, overseen by the Ministry of Education, and supported by Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University. Hence, the kind royal approval was given to establish the Saudi Center for Studies and Research on Prevention from Drugs and Psychoactive Substances (Haseen).

About Haseen Center's Logo and Identity

The logo of Haseen Center was designed to reflect the nature and orientations of the center in a clear, dignified, and solid manner. Initially, the logo contains outward-facing golden arrows, encompassing the logo from all sides, symbolizing protection and security, as if safeguarding whatever is inside. Following this, we see the second defensive line in both light and dark blue colors, indicating target setting, planning, expansion, exploration, and pursuit of knowledge to support the first line. Subsequently, the last layer consists of arrows pointing inwards, representing the unity and cohesiveness of society. The Haseen logo is balanced and harmonious, as its equilibrium and symmetry signify the system's efficiency and high quality. The golden color was chosen to mimic the colors of ancient forts as the primary defensive line, followed by the secondary defense line in dark and light blue, representing expansion, evolution, knowledge, and awareness.

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