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Logo design with visual identity


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Design of Logo and Visual Identity


About the Logo and Identity of Gamraa Energy

The logo was designed to combine the Arabic letter 'Qaaf' and the English letter 'g'. In the middle of these letters is an energy bulb connected to its energy wire, indicating that it's radiant and full of energy. The coloring of the logo was also approached in a continuous circular manner, symbolizing the flow of energy in an electrical circuit. The weight and mass of the logo were grounded on ideal geometric shapes. Rectangles were used at some angles of the logo to complete the basic structure. Then, we tailored the basic structure to break the geometric rigidity, adding energy and vitality to it. This results in a design that merges the strength and perfection of geometric shapes with the beauty of the unconventional. It's neither a perfect circle, nor a perfect oval or rectangle, but a blend of them, representing the best embodiment of Gamraa's ideas and directions.

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An imaginary image of Design of Logo and Visual Identity

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