Fahad Al-Rashoudi & Partners Engineering Consultancy

Scope of Work

Design a logo proposal, profile design, website design


Logo proposal, digital presentation of the logo proposal, profile, website



Proposal for Logo, Profile, and Website Design


About the Fahad Al-Rashoudi's Engineering Consultancy logo and identity

When designing and planning the proposed logo for Fahad Saleh Al-Rashoudi & Partners Engineering Consultancy, several principles were taken into account to produce a balanced and robust logo that best represents the company and its services. We also ensured that the logo composition was balanced, with no element dominating another, but all elements harmoniously arranged in a geometric fashion representing precision, trust, and functionality. At first glance, the logo gives the viewer a sense of commitment, represented by the surrounding frame. The octagonal geometric shape was chosen after testing several other shapes, and it was found to be the most beautiful, practical, flexible, and solid in form. It stands alone, carrying meanings and conveying the message through its simplicity, depth of details, and design style.

gda logo image
An imaginary image of Proposal for Logo, Profile, and Website Design

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